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Our Pilots


Pilot, Steve Scott

When Pilot Steve is not soaring above the blue skies he’s beneath beautiful blue waters—Scuba diving that is, in the waters off Belize or his favorite Cozumel, Mexico among other exotic destinations. He’s also an avid cruiser, because as he says, “You never have to worry about a good meal”. Steve has been flying for 28 years and makes his home in Trafalgar, Indiana about 20 miles South of Indianapolis. He’s been married 30 years and enjoys his three children 28, 26, and 23 along with three wonderful grandchildren who he and his wife are fortunate to watch grow. They’re now six, three, and one. Who knows perhaps one is a future pilot or scuba diver? Steve has flown commercially for US Airways Regional Jets, and if you dare to jump out of a plane ask Pilot Steve about Skydiving. Yes, take a leap! Steve’s the pilot for Jerry’s Skydiving Circus! Steve’s personal quote: “When you really enjoy what you’re doing it’s a wonderful feeling!” Steve is really enjoying life. So, when you’re flying over the blue waters of the Caribbean wave. You might just be saying hello to Pilot Steve!


Pilot, John Slegers

Pilot John’s lifelong dream was to fly, and at age 42 he did just that. Today you can hardly keep him on the ground. In about 20 years John has accumulated over 9,000 hours of flight time! He is Chairman of Midwest Air Link, and Vice President of our parent company Eagle Aircraft, Northwest Indiana’s premier flight school training program. He is also one of Eagle’s flight instructors. John’s passion is teaching students to fly, and on any given day you’ll find him in the skies training with a student. John is married to his wonderful wife Joy, and you will find this duo hard at work at Midwest Air Link each day. John and his wife have six children, 19 grandchildren, and five great grandchildren with most of them residing in Northwest Indiana close enough for John and Joy to enjoy. On occasion John enjoys a game of golf—that is when he’s not flying, fishing, and horseback riding. Some of John’s quotes to live by: “If it doesn’t kill you, it will only make you stronger."  "Nobody is absolutely worthless."   "You can always be used as a bad example."  "There are no mistakes only lessons.” This is one pilot who is full of energy, and whenever you’re ready to go, he’s ready to take-off!

Pilot, John Hoffa

A former Marine helicopter mechanic, John learned to fly in high school in his hometown of Kalamazoo, MI. He’s our Director of Maintenance and a part-time pilot with Midwest Air Link. He’s funny, really loves flying, and keeping our aircraft safe. Did I mention John really loves flying? John’s been flying for 25 years and is our newest Midwest Air Link pilot. John owns Michiana Aircraft where he does maintenance on all types of aircraft from the smaller Cessna 140, which he owns, to commercial airliners. He enjoys spending time with his wife and 16 year-old, daughter in their home in South Bend, Indiana. John’s daughter is quite excited about obtaining her driver’s license in coming months; however, we’re not certain how excited John is about this just yet. John appreciates live theatre and recently traveled to Las Vegas to see, “Mama Mia”. On his downtime you’ll find John flying, flying, flying, bicycling, running, and enjoying his family. Did I mention John really loves flying?